National Early Language and Literacy Strategy

National Early Language & Literacy Strategy

Objective: The Proposed Language and Literacy Strategy

The central objective of the Proposed National Early Language and Literacy Strategy (Proposed National Strategy) is to establish the foundation for a coordinated national approach to enhancing infants’ and children’s early language and literacy learning and development in Australia before they start school.

Outcomes for infants and children

The end goal is to improve the number of Australian children who start school with basic language skills and foundations skills for literacy. These foundations (including basics such as the idea of books, a wider vocabulary, and that writing can convey information) will give children a better start to life.

Every child deserves a good start.

Development process

The development of the Proposed National Strategy was initiated and led by the National Early Language and Literacy Coalition (NELLC) – a collective of leading Australian organisations with expertise and interest in language and literacy – and funded by the Ian Potter Foundation (2018-2021) under the Early Language and Literacy: Reviewing the evidence, good practice guidance, and developing a national strategy project. Substantial input was sought from and provided by relevant federal, state and territory government departments, researchers, practitioners and other relevant stakeholders.

Early literacy skills set us up for life.

The project in review

  • A comprehensive review of the literature on early language and literacy policy, programs and interventions, drawing on up-to-date evidence reviews nationally and internationally, with an emphasis on factors that have contributed to effective outcomes;
  • Development of a practical guide for policy developers, service providers and parents on good practice and effective approaches in various contexts; and
  • Liaison and collaboration with governments on the development of a proposed national early language and literacy strategy.

The Proposed National Strategy

  • establishes a common understanding around early language and literacy development, recognising
    the importance of home languages;
  • reflects and identifies existing strategies, initiatives, services and programs;
  • outlines priority areas, objectives and examples of actions; and
  • acknowledges specific population groups requiring tailored responses.

Funding Partner

The project has the support of the Ian Potter Foundation, which provided funding for a three-year project “Early Language and Literacy: Reviewing the evidence, good practice guidance, and developing a national strategy project”, and a subsequent “Impact Engagement Grant” to support momentum and interest around the proposed strategy.

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Three years: 2018 – 2021
Strategy Launch: International Literacy Day 2021 (8th September 2021)

Project Management