NELLS Literature Review 2017
A review by the Murdoch Children’s Research Centre reviewing the evidence for supporting children’s early language and literacy development.

Getting Early Language and Literacy Right Policy Brief 2018
The National Early Language and Literacy Coalition (NELLC) provides a policy brief calling for a national strategy to be developed. Although the importance of early language and literacy is acknowledged in a number of Australian policies and frameworks, there is a lack of strategic national focus on lifting levels of language and literacy in the early years. This policy brief outlines the need and benefits of a proposed national strategy for early language and literacy.

Early Language and Literacy Evidence Review – Universal Approaches 2020
An analysis was conducted of the international evidence for improving language and literacy skills for children five years or younger. A snapshot of current initiatives in Australia targeting early language and literacy is also included.

Early Language and Literacy Evidence Review – Vulnerable Groups 2020
An analysis of peer-reviewed literature on the effectiveness of a range of different approaches and interventions undertaken among children aged 0 to 5 years to improve their early language and literacy skills. This paper focuses on the following groups: a) Disadvantaged communities and families identified through socio-economic status b) Culturally and Linguistically Diverse families and c) Indigenous and First Nations families and communities.

National Early Language and Literacy Discussion Paper 2020
The discussion paper outlines the objectives and priorities of a National Early Language and Literacy Strategy, summarises the recent evidence reviews, and provides Australian and International examples of existing strategies, standards and initiatives regarding early language and literacy.