Are you involved in delivering a program, service, or initiative aimed at helping young children prepare for a lifetime of reading, writing and communicating?

The National Early Language and Literacy Coalition (NELLC) are interested in programs, services, initiatives, and policies that are currently being undertaken to improve and maximise the early language and literacy outcomes of children in Australia – specifically among children who are yet to start formal schooling.

As part of a larger project examining the current evidence on ‘what works’ in this space, we are seeking information on what is currently undertaken with Australian children and their families, and the observable and measurable impacts of these activities. This submission process enables the NELLC to gain a greater insight in the current context of early language and literacy interventions.

Any information provided may be used in the context of the project (Early Language and Literacy: Reviewing the evidence, good practice guidance, and developing a national strategy) funded by the Ian Potter Foundation. All findings specific to the program/service of which information has been submitted will be verified with the identified contact person. This person may be contacted by NELLC members to verify the information provided or with requests for further information.

The program submission process has now closed.