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The National Early Language and Literacy Strategy

The Australian Government launched the Early Years Strategy on 7 May 2024.

The National Early Language and Literacy Coalition (NELLC) and its member organisations actively engaged in the consultation process to develop the Early Years Strategy including attendance at the Early Years Summit and providing the following feedback:

The following organisations are now continuing the work of NELLC via an informal information sharing network that meets four times per year. If you would like your organisation to be represented at these meetings please contact

I’m a kindergarten teacher and see so many children struggle with early literacy which impacts all of their schooling. There are so few resources for the average family to access to help their children overcome these obstacles, often resulting in generational illiteracy

I’m a paediatric speech pathologist who has seen the positive impacts of research based language and literacy education. I believe all children should have access to high quality literacy education, as this can dramatically change their futures.